Salt and Pepper Shakers


Slip-casted in porcelain, cone 6 glaze


These are two biomorphic shapes with round bodies and heads. The bottom-heavy salt shaker resembles a reclining figure, and the pepper shaker is slightly smaller, standing up straight. There is a rounded concave area on the “belly” of the salt pepper where the pepper shaker fits in.


The two forms embrace each other and have their own conversation. Intended to be used in a family dinner setting, the friendly forms would help to create a warm atmosphere. Salt and peppers are often used together, but they are two separate ingredients. Therefore, the two forms still stand on their own despite the close distance. Their relationship can also be used to describe the connection between family members: close, caring for each other, but exist as independent individuals. Ergonomically, the forms are also easy to hold with one hand.

Ideation Drawings


The Pepper Shaker

The Salt Shaker